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In my dealing with the business world for well over 50 years as I preached the gospel, I heard a lot of bragging.  There were General Managers that exceeded corporate goals for the month and bragged as if they had done all the work themselves and the work force of 100 at that dealership were just sitting on the sidelines. The same G.M. a few months later when the company did not meet corporate goals was blaming the whole work force for not buckling down and doing a better job in service and sales. Then there was the good-old-boy that traded in an old Dodge for a new BMW using inherited money from a favorite grandpa. He was bragging about how hard he had worked to drive real quality in a motorcar. Needless to say, over the years I heard a lot of bragging. 

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How Can I Help?

The Western world is in the cloud of mass confusion right now. People are bombarded with all kinds of information. Many have been hurt by the decisions that have been made. Rising above all of this are the strong tower family of supporters for Morning Glory. In Guatemala, our budget is increasing. Our vision is expanding, our opportunities are wide open, and I have no one to go to for help but you wonderful folks. Some of you are giving at the max. right now, and I get that and am so thankful. Some of you are unable to give right now, and I get that. Years ago, there was sister Frisbie in Vidor. She was old enough that she had five generations of progeny. Every month she sent a financial gift to a Bible college student. He called her and said that he felt she needed the money more then he did, and she said, “Don’t steal my blessings; I am sending money to invest in you as a minister.” There are a great number of you on our lists that have not found the right avenue to give to Morning Glory and are not receiving the number of blessings that are abounding for our giving family.   

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A full-rounded education includes recreation.

MG News Blast

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Great news!  With the help of our regular partner givers and our benefactor, we were able with the mid-month budget wire to pay off the computers and send $1,000 to get Queno started on the new office building.  You will be surprised how fast $25-$50 and $100 adds up when it is doubled. Our Benefactor has made me a deal.   If we will guarantee to do all the book work on the 11th of April, he will extend the double your gift offer to April 10th. With just a little help from everyone we can wipe out that $6,000 still needed for that new building. A lot is happening in Guatemala now. Stay tuned!

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Here is another Morning Glory News Blast showing a behind-the-scene view of the total operation of Morning Glory Christian Academy with Lori and Rob.


To remind those seeking to finance special projects, we have several projects on the table right now: the need of $7,000 for the additional office building; also the paying for the new computers at $4,000.  Both projects qualify for matching grants from our benefactor; this is your chance to double your gifts for either project. Lori also presented you the prospect of partially underwriting a teaching chair at Morning Glory.  My total wire needs for March is just under $40,000. This is a God-sized job. God and Morning Glory Lori are counting on you. 

Love, Herb

Please, help equip our students’ computer lab with the needed technology that helps the student body of nearly 700 succeed at Morning Glory and beyond.

 Morning Glory News Blast for Feb 10th, 2017 

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First Day of School for 2017 at Morning Glory Christian Academy

News blast #2

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News blast For January 14th,2017

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