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Herb Pinney


   Brother Rob has asked me to explain how God has continued to bless us financially during this pandemic that has hit the family of God worldwide.  This crisis is indeed a worldwide crisis.  Many countries like Guatemala and the United States of America have had to close their church doors to public meetings; this has reduced the size of their offerings. This in turn has reduced the size of some of their gifts to N.I.M.A./Morning Glory. To make up for that God has brought on board several new churches that have picked up what was not coming from the old standby churches. Several of the small business have been hit the worst; they had to close their doors, some have had to greatly lower or cancel their regular gifts. Every day we pray for them and their prosperity, and God is blessing them and us.

   Our sponsors get behind, then catch-up the next month; some have had to cancel until they go back to work. Others have kept up their faith promise out of their savings. God is blessing. 

  Some have given from their estate; gold, property, and foreign exchange that we are turning to American dollars. One gift, by an elderly Christian who has recently gone to be with the Lord, was a large handful of Iraqi Dinars that we are seeking to have our Bank of America exchange for U.S.A. dollars to help with our shortfall this month. God is blessing in so many ways. Our Elizabeth Stephens in Guatemala is raising money for food gifts for our folks in the area around Morning Glory. Some of our folks in the U.S.A. have sent money to help that project. God is indeed blessing.   Thank you, folks and God, for being so faithful and wonderful.