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  Urgent Budget Appeal  

Dear Friends of Morning Glory Christian Academy,

If you saw Rob Courtney’s report from Guatemala this week, you know how busy our crew in  Guatemala have been.  If you are not on that list, let me know and I will forward to you.  We have been blessed  with lots of workers on the campus in  Guatemala this past two months, and short of financial gifts to this office to cover salaries and expenses.  Our monthly basic budget is $ 23,858; we send $200 to the states to cover Rob’s statewide expenses, leaving a monthly due of $ 23,658. We have a monthly designated medical expense for  Lori of $600.00.  The funds receive for budget between  July and August was $ 16,084 – (plus designated  $450 for supporting church travel, $350 for intern needs,  $200 for Rob). This left us $8,174 short for the  15th wire. This morning, an old friend, and the daughter of  an Agape member, was blessed with a large check due her and she first fruited a gift of $2220. This leaves us still needing to raise for August the still due budget sum of  $5,954.    

If I take normal income in the rest of August to make up this shortfall,  we will again be short for the Sept. budget wire. The several missions with which  I am familiar have all ran short this summer.

If you could make a sacrificial gift to help cover this shortfall now, and extra help as we approach September 15TH, it would be a blessing for Lori, Rob and myself.

You can use PayPal at, or mail a special offering check to
PO Box 15133
Las Cruces, NM  88004

God bless you.  Love, Herb