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In my dealing with the business world for well over 50 years as I preached the gospel, I heard a lot of bragging.  There were General Managers that exceeded corporate goals for the month and bragged as if they had done all the work themselves and the work force of 100 at that dealership were just sitting on the sidelines. The same G.M. a few months later when the company did not meet corporate goals was blaming the whole work force for not buckling down and doing a better job in service and sales. Then there was the good-old-boy that traded in an old Dodge for a new BMW using inherited money from a favorite grandpa. He was bragging about how hard he had worked to drive real quality in a motorcar. Needless to say, over the years I heard a lot of bragging. 

There were Christians and Followers of the Way that were not happy that.

God had chosen a bi-racial Hebrew terrorist going to search out the city of Damascus to arrest and jail Followers of the Way in that city. Over the years God had used this Jew, named Paul now, in a wonderful way in building the church of Jesus. These Christians to compete with Paul were bragging (boasting) about their service, and Paul addresses this in 2 Corinthians 11:16-33.

Paul brings this verbal adventure in foolishness to a halt with this statement, “If I must boast, I will boast in the things that show my weakness…”

I say all of that because I wanted to start this Blast by bragging or boasting about how well the last letter and blast were received, and at once, I thought better. No matter how well you all did, or how well our staff here and in Guatemala did, God gets the glory. The reason I was proud in the Lord was because of the great response from church individuals, small churches, and friends across America did in responding to our shout for help. We heard from friends that have been silent for a decade. One small church gave a fantastic VBS offering, and upon announcing it, the elders told the teachers and kids, the church will match your gift, and  they wrote a check for $2.112.00,  then sent their regular monthly check the next day. There were more than a dozen such stories; God and Morning Glory were blessed.

There is no time to rest; August’s wire was in the black after months of being in the red, but September’s wire is coming up fast.

May I make some suggestions.  From January to July this year the U.S. dollar dropped in trading just over 10%. This leveled off in August. This means, even though I sent the full budget in American dollars to Guatemala, Lori took from the bank 90% the money needed to pay  the  bills. Many of the churches and individuals that have supported Lori have not increased their monthly giving for years. If each would add at least 10% to their giving it would help make up the loss in exchange. We need some new monthly givers. I know most church budgets are set for 2017 and possibly for  2018.

Here is our goal for the rest of 2017: 174 more teacher or student sponsorships. Support your own private missionary. We have over 40 teachers that need a sponsor. For $100 a month you can have your own private missionary, support a classroom teacher. If $45 a month would fit your budget better, sponsor a student; you will  be able to write to them and get answers.

If we can meet our financial goals by December 15th, Lori  will not have to lay off teachers for next year, and no students will  have to be sent home. A Sunday school class, a woman’s group, an individual or family can sponsor a child. One small church which has Morning Glory in the budget has four students sponsored. One large church has dozens of sponsored students.

Lori  needs  your help and you will receive a blessing far greater than the check you write becoming a sponsor.

I Agape love you all..