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How Can I Help?

The Western world is in the cloud of mass confusion right now. People are bombarded with all kinds of information. Many have been hurt by the decisions that have been made. Rising above all of this are the strong tower family of supporters for Morning Glory. In Guatemala, our budget is increasing. Our vision is expanding, our opportunities are wide open, and I have no one to go to for help but you wonderful folks. Some of you are giving at the max. right now, and I get that and am so thankful. Some of you are unable to give right now, and I get that. Years ago, there was sister Frisbie in Vidor. She was old enough that she had five generations of progeny. Every month she sent a financial gift to a Bible college student. He called her and said that he felt she needed the money more then he did, and she said, “Don’t steal my blessings; I am sending money to invest in you as a minister.” There are a great number of you on our lists that have not found the right avenue to give to Morning Glory and are not receiving the number of blessings that are abounding for our giving family.   

I HAVE TWO MAJOR PROBLEM TODAY.  I have not been raising the full budget each month, and we are borrowing from our expansion fund, and it is running out. At the same time, the dollar lost value, and the exchange rate had dropped this year from 8 Quetzales to 1 US dollar to 7.002 to 1, and falling. This means that in June, Lori was Q20,000.00 short of making payroll. In July, I borrowed and sent $2,300.00 more and continued devaluation stole the most of it. We need your help. Here are some ideas.

  1. Some churches and individuals could send a one-time offering to help.
  2. Many of our financiers have not increased their giving for years; you could increase by 20% your regular giving to cover devaluation.
  3. Something almost every Bible class and family can do is sponsor one of the 700 students at Morning Glory at $45.00 a month.  For info contact Herb, Dean or Rob and get started on your blessings. 
  4. For those seeking even larger blessings, you could sponsor a teacher for $100.00 a month and that would be a blessing.
  5. Some of you love a project to direct your giving. Lori has a number of extracurricular activities that she needs financed; contact her direct for these projects and send your checks through NIMA.  Banking regulation require all checks are to be made out to NIMA.

God bless you for caring and for your help.

Agape Love,