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Great news: the summer edition of Morning Glory Stories is being printed, desktop published this coming week in Agape’s office. It is a beautiful magazine published and printed in Agape’s office.  It should all be in the mail with 12 color pages by next Friday.

Morning Glory really needs your help;  I am crying fire for the first time in a long time.  I Just talked a new friend, Donna, into being a sponsor of  a Morning Glory child.  I need 99 more new sponsors. If I can do it, you can too. I need another $2,000 of regular designated general fund cash to come in above that.  During the first six months of 2017 we have averaged about $5,000 in the red each month.

On page 56 of the new Morning Glory Stories, Dean issues a double dog dare to you all.  You remember as a kid you should not pass up a double dog dare. Dean wants you to share your MG Stories with friend.  I have an even better idea.  I know that most of you wish you could send money or more money to Morning Glory. You may be high-jacking your friends blessing by not introducing them to Morning Glory; don’t be treating your friends that way. If you will send me two or three friends names and addresses, I will put a gift card with your name on it with the magazine and will mail to them, OR I will mail you the copies to hand to them in person. Can I count on you each for at least one name and referral?  I have about two months to fix this problem, and then we will be in serious trouble.

To those of you that write checks. Please make out the check on the pay to line to NIMA or New Iberian Mission Association.  You can put Morning Glory in the Memo box/line. It is illegal for me to change your pay to by writing NIMA on the pay to line.

Also, you that send me money to be transferred for you to Guatemala: from the time you mail your letter it is from two to four weeks to Guatemala.

So, give me time to get the money in the bank in Guatemala. I send the wire down mid-month and each wire costs $45.00. There is no charge to you for piggy-backing on the monthly wire. Your check must be in my office by the 12th of the month to make that wire. From now on if wires are sent at any other time there will be a $45.00 charge for each wire.    

Remember Dean’s and my double dog dare! I sure hope I can count on you.


Herb Pinney