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Morning Glory News Blast

12 May 2017



















My Dear Faithful Supporters,

Where has this year gone? I am filling in my June and July day planner now.  The work in Guatemala is going full speed ahead. Greg and Kelly are working on a very updated  sponsor program. They are waiting for me to scan and forward all checks and electronic giving records.  Lori and team are in high speed with short term groups, interns, Casas’ teams, and a growing campus.  I guess you need to know: the 2017 hang-up of progress has been me.  As you know, all those on team Morning Glory in the states are volunteers; we all have regular jobs.  We are behind  on the news blasts, we skipped the Spring edition of Morning Glory Stories, and will bring  a combined Spring and Summer edition out in early June, the Lord willing. I am not big on excuses, but the five weeks that Melba was in ICU and the week+ she was in a wonderful hospice took  three to four hours of my time each day to have two or three hours of time to spend the last days on earth with her each day. We were together 66 years.  It is hard to plug in these hours when in your 83rd year your work day is from 4 am to 9 pm–7 days a week; so, I got behind.

Due to the diversity school we had to have the new office building. In three months of seeking matching funds for the building I received a designated $25.00.  I had to act. I put the arm on my friend and closed that door for a year or two and got the money if Queno and helper would donate their labor, and the building is going up.

Melba went to be with the Lord the 11th of April, and we had a wonderful Homecoming celebration for her on the 29th of April. News of it and pictures in the next MG Stories. Lori did a beautiful video honoring her mother; watch it here.  As a  result of all this, we are running behind on budget income.  I need 100 new sponsors to replace those that have dropped along the way and new kids.   We need $ 2,000 new church or individual money a month too make budget for the year.  Lori has done  wonders for my prayer life; but God will use you folks.

On a side note, Agape Church received the donation of a working and in good shape Baldwin organ for worship music.  If any individual or church is interested and will make a donation to the mission for the organ, it is yours to pick up and take home; for information, call Herb at 575-650-3915.



Herb Pinney