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 Morning Glory News Blast for Feb 10th, 2017 

The great news is that we are within a few weeks of Lori having everything in place to do the News Blast live and in living color on Video from Guatemala. The program format has be set and agreed upon. I am excited about it.

In this news blast I want to give you several direct quotes from Lori’s annual report.

“The security cameras are installed and working; we have WI-FI set up on the campus.  This year we are working with Greg and Kelly Mellinger (In USA) to put our pertinent information on our database on the cloud.  We will be setting grade sheets, financial sheets, sponsor sheets that will all interact with student I.D. codes….All this for a dinosaur that taught herself how to use a computer.”

“After spending the better part of 2015 being very sick and the rest in Guatemala City receiving much needed therapy, I returned to school January 2016.  The school year started off with a big push to get everything under control and to raise our academic standards.  The better part of 2016 was spent in diagnostic tests, observation and evaluation, deciding what measures should be taken to complement the goals before us, and setting high standards of excellence in all that we do. Not only are we dedicated in teaching Christian principles in our Bible and values classes we also want to convey to our students and parents [that] those principles apply to everything we do and thus define who we are.”

Lori is a master at planning budget and getting $5.00 worth out of every $1.00, also at organizing the classroom schedule around her teachers and four schools.

“I was short on government required P.E. hours.  So, I hired two part-time teachers to cover the class periods needed. Both teachers are gradates of Morning Glory as is one of the Primary teachers I hired earlier his year; this brings a total of seven graduates now working at Morning Glory.”

“We have several building projects for this year including turning a shaded area into an additional office building for Tabi and the receptionist to free up my office.”

Lori and Herb are asking for your help. I am waiting for an estimate on construction costs to share with you. We have a benefactor that is going to match each of your gifts dollar for dollar for the construction.  That is, if you give $1,000 he will match it with a thousand dollars.

God Bless you all..

Love… Herb Pinney