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News blast For January 14th,2017

Good news for our family that uses debit and credit cards to support Morning Glory. After months of behind the scene work we are in line to get the secondary credit card processor button on the website. If you follow through Rob’s transmission from Guatemala the donate button directs you to Mission of Faith; it is all one financial port. We are waiting on a 24 hour space for our new attachment to be complete. We have been having trouble with PayPal in getting addresses, e-mail addresses and complete information on designation. This new service allows us to set up our donating information form and it is complete. Other advantages are more credit card types accepted, and much more of your donation reaches Morning Glory.  The donations are also transferred directly to our bank account as soon as approved. We will be using the two funders side by side for the next six months then decide if we want to center on one.  Now, Paypal will allow you to use Discover card as well. When you go to Mission of Faith and both donate buttons are there, you will know we are online with both funders.

Lori and Rob are deep into getting school year 2017 under way. She will be caught up and will be doing the news blast via video in a couple weeks. I know you would rather hear directly from her.

We still need 5 churches to come to Lori’s medical aid for $50 a month extra in their 2017 giving and another 6 individuals that well send a love offering of $25 a month for Lori’s ongoing medical expenses. I get so many complements and verbal high-fives for the weight loss and renewed health that Lori is experiencing that I know a number of you will want to see the health improvement continue.

Love .. Herb Pinney