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 News Blast #1 



There is good news about Lori’s health.

After a bout with Bronchial Pneumonia, she is up and strong for year 2017. With some changes in staff, so are all our staff and faculty.

LoriNij_Oct2016A little over a year ago I asked some concerned churches and individuals to make a Faith Promise for one year to cover the continued medical expenses of Lori during her continued medical care and maintenance program. I am coming again for another year of health treatments and weight loss.  We have a record budget this year, and Dean and I approved all that Lori asked for. We do not want to take medical out of budget. She still needs about $600.00 a month to maintain her health improvements and weight loss program.  This is how that is handled; the Brazilian and Guatemala doctors have trained a health provider in San Raymundo to meet with Lori at 5:30 AM each day to give her the treatments she was getting in Cd. Guatemala, to go over her diet and help her get properly dressed. This drops our monthly maintenance cost from $3,000.00 a month to $600.00.  I need a half dozen churches that want to see Lori stay at the helm to Faith promise $50.00 above their regular monthly giving for Lori’s health, and I need twelve individuals that are Lori’s supporters to Faith promise $25.00 a month for one more year to keep Lori going.

Make your Faith Promise to NIMA at PO Box 15133, Las Cruces, NM 88004  or [email protected] or via our website at

God Bless you.

Love.. Herb Pinney