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Elizabeth’s Morning Glory Story


Elizabeth Stephens

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     Never did I think I would be stepping off the plane in Guatemala City, Guatemala, but as always our plans are not always God’s plans. A couple, who worked with one of the Christian organizations on my university campus and now live in Guatemala, told me about Morning Glory Christian Academy and the opportunity to be an intern. After praying and seeking God’s will I decided this is where He was calling me to go.
On July 2, 2016 I arrived in a new country surrounded by unfamiliar places and faces, yet surrounded by the language I love. Many different emotions were present at that time and I was excited to see what God had in store, but honestly, parts of me just wanted to get on the plane and go back home. However, I am so glad I didn’t because God showed me great things during my time there.
While in Guatemala, I had many different ways to serve from working at the school, translating for groups, serving food to the Casas Por Cristo groups, washing laundry, and cooking, but the most important was the opportunity to love and get to know people on a personal level. Establishing a relationship with the people of Guatemala, I believe, was the best part of my trip.
At Morning Glory Christian Academy, I helped teach English classes, translated for groups when needed, helped the children with their homework, and even sat in on classes and learned things myself. Many times I was stretched beyond my comfort zone and had to step out on faith, but through that God showed me that He is faithful and through stretching and doing what we think is impossible, He shows us that everything is possible. We are just to be opened and ready to let Him speak through us, even if it is in another language.
While at the school I was able to meet many teachers and spend time with them during breaks. This was one of my favorite parts as I was able to hear their stories, learn Guatemalan Spanish, and make new friendships that will last forever. One thing I learned while working at the school was that it’s not only the children who need love, but the teachers as well. No matter how young or how old, we all need to be shown the love of Christ.
When not at school I had the chance to spend time with the children from the school and also got to meet people in the town. I was able to visit many restaurants and had the chance of meeting many people there. I started many conversations just by saying “Hola” and before we knew it, we had spoken for a good 10-15 minutes. Through having these conversations, I was able to make new friends and grow closer to the people there. One night I had the opportunity to eat with one of the families that I had met, and it was such a huge blessing for me.
My thoughts were that I would go to Guatemala and share Christ’s love and return home, only to realize that what I sat out to give, I was receiving by the people there. They showed me so much love and made a huge difference in my life. God showed me so many things while there, but I believe the number one thing I learned is that if I, as a human being, could fall in love with the people and establish relationships with them, how much more does God love us and want to establish a relationship that is everlasting?