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Here is the December newswire from Herb sent to our e-mail list.

There have been so many blessings, so much Joy this past year, Christmas is almost anticlimactic. I am enclosing two pictures of our primo leaders in Guatemala. (1) Lori Christmas shopping with family for the first time in 8 years. (2) Queno working his truck.


(1) Lori

(2) Queno


Thirty seven years ago in their over-loaded station wagon, one baby girl and a couple in love with each other and the Lord, they headed back to Guatemala. Totally ready to serve Jesus the Christ, no matter what it took as they entered Queno’s home town. What a ride this has been. Those of you that have been along for the ride remembers the homes turned to medical centers, church growth, an orphanage, a tiny preschool, a hospital rising on the Llano property, the prison months, the help of Christian Solidarity in Europe, the Churches in America, Europe, and Asia stepping up and the tiny preschool exploding to a three school campus of highest standards and accomplishments.


Through all this a sick Lori and a tenacious Queno have held on, dug in, and accomplished for the Lord God Almighty. This year the major health turnaround and Lori is blasting into 2016 over 300 pounds and on the way to 500 pounds lighter, in fantastic health. Then there is Queno, working around the clock as pastor of Strong Tower Christian, mentor to ministers and pastors, builder of buildings, and the street pastor to all Guatemala that does not even take an hour off. What a ride, what a blessing.


A very real fact of life, the greater the blessings, the stronger the challenge, and the larger is the need. Meeting this need a retired ranching family whose youth are graduates of Morning Glory gave to the Nijs a Mitsubishi Montero SUV that is old enough to vote, but had less than 20,000 miles on it. This is the toughie SUV made for Guatemala. To put it on the road for the family vehicle, and Lori will soon be able to drive it as well, we need to spend $1,500.00 on “all-terrain” tires,  full tune up, all service, shocks and alignment–a vehicle for the next five years.  To go with this Queno needs a replacement of his pick-up that has been broken in two and welded back more times than is right, He needs this for churches, the campus building, and ministry. Dean and I have set a limit for Herbert IV, our purchasing agent in Guatemala, of $7.5K for this used four-door pickup . This means I am asking, with hat in hand, a blessing to close out our Christmas for 2015.  We need above all the other things in our catalog also $9k for transportation. We want to encourage you to go to and mark the Christmas Catalog for other gifts for Morning Glory. Except for one gift for my wife, I have done all my Christmas shopping this year from the Morning Glory Christmas Catalog. Again it is at or on page 35-37 of the Navigator for winter 2015.


One last thing: the Agape Christian Church lost their lease the first day of December and must be out of our building of 19 years by Dec. 30th. Our offices will be closed from Dec. 28th through Jan.3, 2016. Cell and e-mail will be active.


Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you all. You are such a blessing.






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