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San Raymundo, Guatemala



Praises!  We thank God for a successful “group” season, all the excellent interns and volunteers, and 2 brand new playgrounds given to us by Compass Christian Church.  This summer has been unforgettable!
Prayers!  Please be in constant prayer for our monthly needs. Pray for wisdom and discernment for all of the MG leadership. Pray for boldness as we continue to improve our mission in many ways. Pray for the students as they get ready for exams next week.
For Lori’s celebration her father Herb Pinney, NIMA’s Executive Director came to see current happenings, the progress that has been made, and visit family.  (Grandchildren Herbert Nij, Tabitha Nij, with Grandfather Herb Pinney [seated])








A Night to Remember

By Beka Joy Hull

     Over four years ago, I moved to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to become the next in a long line of “Lori’s interns” from her Alma Mater, Dallas Christian College.  Honestly, I didn’t even want to be there. I had literally sworn off the idea of completing my internship in Guatemala, because that’s where all the female mission students went.  I wanted to be different; go somewhere new.  God laughed at me and of course, sent me to Lori.

Since then, Lori Nij has become one of the most special and influential people in my life. I not only see her as a mother; I see her family as my family.  Lori has loved me like I am one of her own, has mentored me through my darkest points, and has taught me lessons on life and the mission field. So this year when she asked me to make a trip to Guatemala for her celebration of 35 years on the mission field, my answer was easily yes.

July 5th was the big day and several people had flown in from the States to rejoice with Lori including her father Herbert Pinney who hadn’t had the privilege of visiting Morning Glory since 2003 when the school only had 200 students. Lori was excited and ready.  She even pampered herself with a new haircut for the big day, but in the back of her mind there was a little voice that told her, “No one will come”.  Yet, we all knew they would come. Or at least I did.

Why wouldn’t they?  I have been privileged to see just how important Lori and her husband Queno are to the community in Guatemala.  Morning Glory has been impacting and molding students to live out a God-centered life for thirteen years now, not to mention the work both Lori and Queno have done through their churches for the past thirty years, as well.  Through their work mindsets have changed, God has worked, and people’s lives have been forever altered for the Kingdom. Sure enough, people came and they came by the masses.  The 700 tamales made for evening was not even close to being enough to feed every mouth that was there.

The celebration was an incredible testimony to the life of influence Lori has led. Throughout the night, friend after student after family member after dignitary made their way to the stage to say words of thanks, perform songs and dances, pray, and speak words of blessings to the woman who has transformed their lives in the same way she has transformed mine. It was an honor to sit right alongside her and see her face well with gratitude, thankfulness, and tears.

To fully understand all of the beauty, thankfulness, love, and the fun of that night is impossible  without being there yourself but I promise you, it was there in abundance and Lori’s honor was well deserved. However, even though Lori is an incredible willing servant, all the work that both Lori and Queno have accomplished in Guatemala is because the Lord is working through their lives. As Lori will always say, “All glory goes to God”, and God was glorified and honored that night just as much as Lori. It was an honor and a blessing to be a part of such a special night in the life of the woman who has forever changed mine and it’s one I will not soon forget.












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