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This is the New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) May 2005 Update. NIMA is an outreach of the Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world.

New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) Update for May, 2005: NIMA is an
outreach of Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world. You
may reach us by mail at: P O Box 15133 Las Cruces, NM 88004; by phone at
(505) 647 2168 or (505) 650-3915; By e-mail at [email protected]; Our web
site for information and bank card donations is Our
interactive website is; Our Guatemala e-mail site is
a new address: [email protected]; The phone in Guatemala for Lori and
Queno is 011.502.6630.8069. This update brings you news of the Morning
Glory Christian School-Community Christian Hospital- Christian Churches and
churches of Christ in Guatemala. (please note the new phone number for Lori)


I missed one of the memorial gifts last month. The Adina Christian Church
in Lexington, Texas sent a memorial gift in the name of Roxie Stephens. We
thank the whole church at Lexington, and Leonard and Romona Leake, their
ministering family.


This Sunday, May 22, 2005, will be the going home celebration for Mrs. Helen
Crawford at Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, Texas. For anyone of
you that have been around me very long, you know how special Dr. C. C.
Crawford and Mom Crawford are to me and my family. On the first Sunday of
September in 1952 I arrived at Socorro, New Mexico to register at the New
Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology as a freshman student seeking a
degree in geology. I was registered, had a basement room in President’s
Hall, and had a new roommate named Clyde Reese from Silver City, New Mexico.
I had driven around the small town and spotted about everything, including
the Socorro Christian Church. That evening I went to church, just like I
had promised my mother I would. I met Dr. Crawford and his wife Helen as I
drove into the parking lot. Dr. Crawford was a professor at NMIMT and the
preaching elder of the church. Mom Crawford invited me to their home after
church for hamburgers and pie. That became a weekly invitation to me and the
guys I brought with me from the School of Mines. During that first year,
Dr. Crawford kept me busy with the youth group he had always wanted. He
also had me preaching for other churches when he volunteered me without me
knowing about it; he was determined I was going to be a preacher. He also
set about to talk me out of being the geologist on the first moon rocket
that I was sure would happen in my lifetime. He told me I needed to aim
higher and set my eyes on heaven. Mom Crawford invited my girlfriend,
Melba, out to be their house guest for a special college celebration. After
which Dr. Crawford told me what a wonderful preacher’s wife Melba would
make. I insisted she was to be my wife; he just smiled, never letting up the
gentle pressure.

At the time that Melba was house guest, Mom Helen promised Melba (We were
planning to get married between my freshman and sophomore year) that she
would be there to help Melba handle the rough and tough school-of-miners
that would be in our home all of the time. For both of us, that is the only
promise made by either Helen or Cecil that they did not keep. That Summer,
Dr. Crawford took over as head of the Philosophy department of Texas Western
University in El Paso (today UTEP). While there, he was to be the chosen
speaker before the joint houses of Texas legislature, to throw a road block
in Mrs. Madeline Murray’s attempt to throw the Bible out of Texas schools (I
still have a copy of his speech before the legislature of Texas entitled
“God and the Declaration of Independence). Retiring from UTEP, Dr. and Mom
Crawford went to Dallas Christian College to teach and in time to donate his
library to DCC and have the college library named for him. Dr. Crawford was
one of Lori’s teachers at DCC, and he remained my mentor until his death and
beyond through his writings.

At his death Mom Crawford took over the bookstore and became the Mom to just
about everyone connected with the school, including five of my children that
went to DCC. The last time I saw Mom Crawford was in Dallas at Melba and my
50th wedding anniversary. She was in a wheel chair and still concerned
about the students and those of us that were standing in the shadow of Cecil
Crawford. She was one beautiful servant woman. She was much younger than
Dr. Crawford; he had married her as a widow with three children that he
helped raise. She took over the task of seeing that the professor was where
he was supposed to be and on time. She made sure he was ready to shine as
only he could shine as he stood in the pulpit or lectern. As Jon Forrest of
First Christian in Cloves, NM wrote in an e-mail memorial, “I am certain
that somewhere up in heaven, Dr. Crawford is happy to have his chauffeur


Lori and crew serves breakfast for 650 plus

(With a student body of 522 at Morning Glory Christian School, any program
that includes all the mothers, or all the parents and grandparents, becomes
a major project.)

Dear Dad:

I have tried to write this letter several different times. Last night I had
it all written up and was getting ready to send when the electricity flashed
off and I lost everything.

This afternoon I was writing and again the lights flashed and I lost. So I
am going to write in Word and paste to Mail so that if the lights go again I
won’t loose my letter.

We celebrated Mother’s day in a really big way at Morning Glory. I wanted
to do something really special this year in appreciation for all the help
and cooperation from my moms. We planned four different programs by
dividing the kids into four groups in order to fit the moms into the
cafeteria. I made a special breakfast for all the moms, Spanish oven
omelets, refried black beans and cheese, tostadas, toasted bread, coffee and
juice and Tabi made brownies and fruit for desert for everyone. On Friday
we honored the preschool moms in the first program and first grade moms in
the second. Queno presented a twenty minute devotional and prayed for all
the moms. After breakfast the children presented a special program for each
group. Thursday all the pre primary teachers stayed after school to help me
get everything ready for Friday. We served over 300 breakfasts and the moms
had a great time. We had special flower arrangements made for the tables
and a big arrangement for the platform. Sunday I worked over twelve hours
getting everything ready for Monday since only Tabi showed up to help me.
Even Queno and Herbert were stirring pots of refried beans on Sunday night.
Monday we had the breakfast and program for second and third grade moms and
then fourth, fifth and sixth grade moms. On Monday we served over three
hundred fifty plates of food in the two different breakfasts. The children
paid half the cost and Morning Glory paid the rest out of funds that we had
set back for the Mother’s day program. Everybody had a really great time.
Tuesday was the official Mother’s day here. After school Queno and the kids
went with me to Guatemala to order the new playground equipment with the
funds that the parents raised (In the Taco by taco program in the park) and
they took me out for supper as a special treat.

I have been really busy trying to keep up with correspondence with all the
different groups that are coming this summer and making sure all the details
are lined out.

I have some new pictures that I will be sending next week. Some are from
the medical clinic in Sarstun, others from the Mother’s day program and some
of the kids.

Megan is doing fine and seems to have suffered no side effects from her
concussion. Herbert is still limping around but is going to the local
gymnasium for rehabilitation therapy. His problem is not so much the broken
bone but the torn ligaments and tendons in his ankle. He is like a caged
lion without his bike. He begs the car keys whenever he thinks his dad will
agree. He will run an errand for me in the car in the blink of an eye.
When he goes into the city with his dad, Queno usually lets him drive most
of the way home. He LOVES it.

I got your request for special prayer request for Guatemala (For Global
Prayer Day last Sunday). The main concern right now is the uncontrollable
violence and crime. The youth gangs have no respect for human life and
lately more and more satanic crimes are showing up. We need to pray for
this government and that God will give them the wisdom and courage to lead
the country. (Sounds like prayer requests for the USA.)

I have several letters waiting for answers so I will close and get on with
my work.

(Lori told me that her 6th grade girls served all the breakfasts, and all
the mothers were astounded that all the meals were served hot. The kids
bought a ticket to bring their moms as a gift to their moms, the ones that
could not afford the tickers were covered. )

I love you



If all of the groups, interns, and workers come this summer for the dental
clinic, DVBS program for the after school program in July, regular clinics,
and work crews to help with finishing the work of the buildings, we will be
really crowded with back to back groups. Dean Pinney, minister of Sanctuary
Christian Fellowship in El Paso, a NIMA trustee, and his two older sons are
planning to go to Guatemala in early July. Dean is excellent with
computers, cameras, videos and promo. work. I have been for four months
trying to get fresh pictures and updates for the pictures for all of our
sponsored kids. I have a fresh list but no pictures. Each one that plans
to help me gets sick or injured and we are back at square one. One of Dean’
s jobs will be to get me fresh pictures of the sponsored kids and fresh
updated information. He will also be shooting some video shorts (5 to 6
minutes) featuring Lori, Queno, the school, hospital, churches and all.
These we will transfer to DVDs and make available to the churches and
individuals for on screen reports to use during regular as well as mission
services. We are planning to film three or four 30 to 45 minute messages by
Lori with illustrative inserts of the mission and area. Many of you are
wishing Lori could come and speak for your groups, this will be the best we
can do for several years. Both Tim and Tom Pinney are computer and photo
equipment savvy; they are very artistic and we will have the three of them
prepare and bring back some real quality material for your use at church and
at home. We have been promised that others would do this, but it never gets
to my desk. Lori told me last night that the pictures of the sponsored kids
had indeed been taken a couple of months ago, and the rolls of film instead
of being developed and sent, were placed in a desk drawer by a worker and
forgotten till she found them this week. I really need Dean and sons on
the field for a few days to get me material that will aid in reaching out to
raise a half-million dollars for the expansion of Morning Glory.

We would like to challenge one of you that may not have had an occasion to
make a special offering gift the past few months to consider this. We have
TV and VHS and DVD/VCRs for the small screen teaching in the school. One of
Lori’s luxury dreams is to have a computer set up for PowerPoint«, DVDs, and
VHS and show it through a projector on to a big screen. We have the
computer; the old one that we replaced at the Nij’s home is now being
repaired and will be available. We can paint the screen on the wall in one
of our new classrooms. We need about $1,400.00 for the projector. This
cannot come out of school budget money, building funds, or working capital.
It must be a specially designated amount just for this equipment. If you
could and would be Lori’s projector angel, this is your opportunity. Queno
can make the locked cabinets and Dean can get it all set up and show Lori
and crew how to do PowerPoint« lessons and be able to show the teaching
movies and lessons for a large group at one time. This will be a working
trip for Dean and the boys and the first that Dean could afford. One of the
blessings of being a “tent making” minister and working for the school
system in El Paso County.


We have the money in the bank in Guatemala to complete the security wall,
and to install the restroom equipment in the other two rest rooms in the new
school building. We have started on the windows and doors for that building.
The guardrails are up on the second floor. The workers are now doing the
projects. Equipment repairs have been paid for, and we have established a
FEDEX account to be able to ship parts for the USA emission equipped
vehicles, (A recent item I sent for the Trooper was $27.00 here and it would
have been over $500.00 in Guatemala. With shipping, taxes, and duty it
arrived at $70.00 total) and with this account we can pay the taxes and
duties as it is determined at the arrival in Guatemala. This will also
allow us to send emergency teaching supplies when we do not have a medic
group on tap to travel into the country. The shipping is getting more
reasonable and very fast at this time (3 days). The problem before was in
handling the government charges that were an unknown amount till the package
arrived in Guatemala. Now, they call and I approve putting it on our
account, and we are in business.


I just want to thank all of you that are regular supporters of NIMA; your
faithfulness has been greatly appreciated and by the blessings of God and
the loving-kindness of you dear folks, we have been meeting our budget each
month. I want to praise you and our God that are so gracious.


The government and the parents will not let up the pressure about a
secondary school. We were planning putting off getting involved for a
couple of years to when we had more buildings and hired some personnel. No
such luck. Our success as the second highest rated school has brought about
strong pressure from the government and parents. We are in a very serious
search in Guatemala for an administrator/principal that we can hire that
will fit into our mission vision. We need a Guatemalan educator in this
position; we would not have time to certify one from the states at this late
date. The person, a he or she, must be a dedicated evangelical Christian,
a high quality and highly trained educator, and affordable. With the Lord
providing such a person as answer to our prayers, and our search, we will
start with the 7th grade next January. We will be back to using the
hospital dorms as school rooms. We must have the right person to administer
this growing of a secondary school; Lori can not take it on. In a late
night conference last night, Lori did admit she was taking on some extra
responsibility this November or December. She will be working with another
school administrator in creating a teacher training seminar (for between 350
and 400 teachers and about three days in length). Be on alert, professors
and leaders of Dallas Christian College, as well as some of our other
educators in the States; Lori is already tossing about your names, as
lecturers in this coming seminar. (There will be invitations to others of
our Bible Colleges that have a strong Pedagogy department; you are going to
be invited this year or in years to come. Some of you may want to be
volunteering now.) By the by, this is the reason that we do not plan
furloughs for Lori and Queno to spend months in the states. Their schedule
is a twelve month a year, full speed ahead schedule. That is why we
recommend that supporting churches send representatives to be guests of and
view the work of NIMA first hand on the field, then go home to report to
your congregations.


Here is a hot off the e-mail report from Lori.

Dad, It was great to talk to you so long last night. Here is my report to
finish out the update.

These last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions and
activities. Many times I have been afflicted with doubts and even fears
about where God is leading us. Morning Glory Christian School has grown
faster and bigger than I could ever dream. When I stand at the door of my
office and look out over what God has done through His people in a little
over four and Ż years I stand in awe. But even then I sometimes wonder if
this is really what God has in mind for His church. I was raised and taught
under the concept that the ministry of God’s saints should be in the
traditional church atmosphere. But here we are, working for many churches
and with many different denominations, believing and teaching the same
Restoration principles that were my baby food and yet totally outside the
traditional church concept. We counsel, teach and work with children and
adults from every kind of church that you can imagine. Through the hospital
and school we share a common goal with God’s people across all
denominational lines.

Last Sunday night I watched with awe and amazement the celebration of
the Global Day of Prayer in Dallas, Texas. The highlight of the evening
was Rick Warren’s participation. He defined five spiritual giants that the
church must fight around the world. The fifth giant, Ignorance, talked
especially to my heart and confirmed the ministry of Morning Glory Christian

Sandra is a beautiful twelve year old girl on the edge of
adolescence. She should be in sixth grade but Sandra is a second grader at
Morning Glory. Last year her mother came to me with a heart breaking story.
Actually she approached Tabi first because we had closed registration
because all the classes were full up and there was just not room for any
more students. Sandra and her mom came to San Raymundo from Guatemala City
because they had heard about Morning Glory Christian School from a cousin.
Sandra’s mom opened a small booth to sell cloth in the local market and each
evening she sets up a grill in the park to sell beef tacos. With tears in
her eye’s Sandra’s mom begged us to accept Sandra as a first grade student.
Three years before Sandra had been sexually molested by her teacher and
since that time she had never been able to learn. Sandra had been taken to
several psychiatrists and they had determined the Sandra was severely
retarded and would never learn. They recommended placing Sandra in an
institution or just letting her stay at home. Mom was convinced that Sandra
could learn, and that she was just frightened. Neidy agreed to add one more
student to her already overflowing class and Sandra became a Morning Glory
Girl. To everyone’s surprise after a few months of adaptation Sandra began
to learn and catch up with the other children. She passed first grade just
fine and is doing great in second grade this year. She has blossomed into a
totally normal child who laughs and plays with all the rest of the children.
There is not an ounce of “retarded” in her; she just needed love and
patience to erase the trauma and fear. Sandra’s mom expressed to Queno a
few Sunday’s ago that her business is loosing money, she is paying rent to
stay here, her husband in the city, and other children who are all grown and
have families of their own want her to return to live in the city but she is
determined to stay in San Raymundo so Sandra can continue to go to Morning
Glory. She told Queno that Morning Glory gave her child back and through
the love of God the fear that dominated Sandra’s life dissolved and in its
place laughter and joy are now a part of Sandra’s character.

It is for Sandra and five hundred plus children each with their
own story and needs that Morning Glory exists. For that reason I say thank
you for the incredible response to our needs. It is for my children that am
eternally grateful for each sacrificial gift that keeps us going and the
bills paid. Together we will continue to fight the giants of poverty,
ignorance and spiritual emptiness until Gabriel blows his trumpet to call us

In His Love



Thank you Lori, thank you Queno for all that you do to turn the Sandras of
the world into Jesus loving, Bible following, educated and happy people.
Just a thought in closing:

“If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of
prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow
people.” A Chinese Proverb…

God bless you all.. In His loving kindness we are indebted to you each one..
Herb Pinney