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This is the New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) April 2005 Update (Praise Report). NIMA is an outreach of the Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world.

New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) Update for April, 2005: (SPECIAL
EDTION OF PRAISE). NIMA is an outreach of Agape Christian Church and
friends from around the world. You may reach us by mail at: P O Box 15133
Las Cruces, NM 88004; by phone at (505) 647 2168 or (505) 650-3915; By
e-mail at [email protected]; Our web site for information and bank card
donations is . Our interactive website is; Our Guatemala e-mail site is a new address:
The phone in Guatemala for Lori and Queno is
011.502.639.806. This update brings you news of the Morning Glory Christian
School-Community Christian Hospital, and other Christian outreaches in





In the 78th Psalm, Asaph contemplates about men eating Angel’s food
(25), and then gives God the Glory: “He sent them food to the full.”
Earlier in the psalm the writer asks the question: “Can God prepare a table
in the wilderness? Behold, He struck a rock, so that waters gushed out, and
streams overflowed. Can He give bread also? Can He provide meat for His
People?”(19b, 20 NKJV). In March and early April Lori and I had to put
before you the needs and concerns of especially Morning Glory Christian
School; it was like we were in a wilderness. We have grown in five years
from an unaccredited preschool with 27 students to a fully accredited
primary school with 522 students for the 2005 school year. We had filled
every corner of the property that we share with Christian Community
Hospital. This is a piece of land that we bought from a Christian
missionary fifteen years ago. We had no idea at the time how God was going
to use and bless this land. After NIMA paid for the land we transferred
title to our director in Guatemala to satisfy Guatemalan law. Queno holds
the title to the land that is stretched and stuffed to the borders now.

At the beginning of our update each month, I state that this is a
mission of Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world. I want
to enlarge on that statement, because it does not give enough praise to
folks that are a very important part of this mission. We are incorporated
as a mission directed by the elders of the Agape Christian Church and
trustees that are sympathetic to our mission and goals. We are incorporated
in Guatemala in a similar pattern. For those of you worried about doctrinal
purity, let me assure you that Lori and I go back with the Christian
Churches through our family to the1800s and the Cain Ridge Revival and
Barton W Stone and the Last Will and Testament of the Springfield
Presbytery, a document that declared the wishes of the Springfield
Presbytery to die and be absorbed into Christianity as a whole. Our working
mission statement and model through 200 years of arguing over musical
instruments, mission organizations and the color of carpet has been: “We are
Christians only, but not the only Christians.” We are open to working with
people that allow the Bible to be the basis of any decision and discussion
of policy. This has opened the door to friendship and cooperation with a
great number of Christian people that have come to a decision to follow the
Bible and the word of Christ to the exclusion of man-made dogmas and
doctrines and I might add methods. On any given month our support comes
from a church of Christ in Matelica, Italy to a Christian Church in Hawaii,
from Canada to South America. The support comes from Christian Churches,
churches of Christ (Inst. And Non-Inst.), Baptists, Presbyterians, Disciples
of Christ, Missionary Alliance, Catholics, Assembly of God, and many, many
other individuals that are part of a variety of groups. There are groups
that have become disenchanted with sending a hundred dollars to a mission
center, and twenty two dollars of that offering going to the mission field.
They have discovered that 94% to 96 % of money sent to New Iberian goes
directly to the mission field to go to work. They can see in my office when
they come to visit, a crystal plaque that gives national and international
honor to myself as the 2004 Fund raising Executive of the American
Fundraising Professionals, a testimony that we in the United States are as
dedicated to the work of Morning Glory Christian Schools, Community
Christian Hospital and the churches as are Lori and Queno.

Our school is an equal opportunity employer, as required by law in
Guatemala, and by our own standards. All students, regardless of race,
ethnic background, religion and economic condition are accepted and welcomed
into the Morning Glory family. Every parent must sign permission for their
youth to be taught Bible each week, and that includes Youth Rallies, and
DVBSs that are held through out the year. Since we turned down over 1000
prospective students last year, while accepting 522, parents are ready and
eager to sign all our requirements.

Our hospital began when Lori was a high school and college student; all
my kids went to public primary and secondary schools, but I gave them more
homework than the schools did. They then went to private Christian
Colleges. Lori’s home education include first aid training, defensive
driving,( how to drive into a ditch at 60 mph, and maintain control of the
vehicle as she drove out, and so much more that was preparing her for her
work in Mexico and Guatemala over the last 27 years (also added greatly to
her gray hairs). Years later as she had to drive through guerrilla road
blocks while being shot at; as well as being the only medic on the Altiplano
in years past, these things have directed what is happening today. Lori,
the little girl that cried at the sight of blood, and any injury required
her mama assuring her that, ‘It is too far from your heart to kill you,”
became the medic that adventured where doctors feared to tread. What ever
you think about I Corinthians twelve, this was a gift from God, not a
natural talent. Lori’s involvement led to clinics held in churches
converted to be makeshift hospitals, and on to our hospital today.

When Joy Gring (our on staff nurse, medical tech. and on the local
hospital committee) and I contacted the Christian Church medical mission
about helping us in Guatemala, we were turned down by the director that has
since gone to be with the Lord. His reason, our doctor was Guatemalan, and
we had no American (Anglo) doctor on staff, and that Joy’s father and I,
were mavericks that were as independent as a hog on ice (a phrase my mother
coined about me). Thus, our hospital has an interdenominational board of
local directors in San Raymundo. The hospital is on our property, and owned
by us. The direction of the everyday operation, the planning of clinics,
and the rules by which the mission of the hospital is carried on is by the
local committee. This committee is made up of very deeply committed
Christians from Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, Independent
Churches, The Central American church a Bible Restoration church, a Baptist
church, and a Missionary and Alliances church. This has allowed us to
attract a great many doctors and Christian groups that are from a great many
different denominations, and in effect, act in a nondenominational manner.
>From the letters I get from these groups and from the individuals, they have
fallen in love with Lori, Queno, all of our staff and the kids and people
involved with New Iberian Mission; they love what we are doing. Our largest
number of sponsors of kids in school has now come from those that have come
to the clinics as workers and have signed on as partners.

I tell you all of that, to tell you that God has brought a feast to us
on our table in the wilderness of Guatemala. Since the March update went
out, and with the addition of Lori’s “Taco by Taco” letter in early April
the following has taken place. The new piece of land is paid for and added
to our property. We have exchanged pieces of medical equipment that were
duplicates and not needed, for a basketball court, and mini “futbol” field.
All salaries have been caught up. The money is in the bank for the security
wall labor to match the city’s gift of material to build the wall. This
month’s budget was fully funded, the money for the transmission for the
people mover has been sent, the money for the finishing the additional
bathrooms in the ten room school building is available, the money for
repairing the Trooper to make it last a little longer has been sent, we have
caught up the back shortages, we covered the additional rental of vehicles
during the time the people mover was in the garage getting a four speed
truck transmission, clutch and drive train to make it safer and more usable
and less expensive to operate. PRAISE GOD! Say, “Amen!”

While the school and hospital have been moving forward at a full speed,
Lori presented a proposal to the National Congress for a fully paved road
onto the Llano and to the school. It passed on first vote, and is now
awaiting federal funds to build a road to the school. (The old road is so
narrow and steep that in places the people mover with dual wheels on the
rear had to be centered on the road, and when it was, the duals on both
sides hang over the edge of the road.) This will be a great blessing for
all the people on the Llano, and cut our transportation expenses to the

While the Lord’s people from everywhere have been sending extra
offerings, there are a great number of workers planning to make the Morning
Glory school and the Community Christian Hospital the center of their summer
mission outreach. We have a work crew coming from Valley View Christian
Church in Dallas, a crew coming to work with Joy Gring from her “sending
church”, Central Christian Church in Plano, Texas that will also be working
with Morning Glory. There will be a dental clinic and DVBS group coming
from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Texas in late June and early July.
There are four interns coming from Dallas Christian College, and medical
clinic coming from Texarkana being organized by the First Baptist Church
there, a work crew coming from Preston Road Baptist Church in Dallas. There
is a group coming from Valley Christian Church in Billings, Montana and
others planning their summer around the work of New Iberian Mission in
Guatemala. If the diversity bothers anyone, I would recommend reading John
17 in six different translations, (languages if you are able), and tell me
where we fit into Jesus’ high priestly prayer.

While I am thanking God for each and everyone of you folks sacrificial
gifts, prayers, phone calls of encouragement, and your talking to others for
us, I realize that following such an outpouring of support and love, there
will be a falling off of gifts over the next month or so. Let me encourage
you, now that you know that you can stretch a little farther than you
thought possible, that you prayerfully check your budget and see if you can
increase your monthly giving to NIMA. For the next several months, the
school budget is a priority.

While we are sitting at the “banquet eating table” of our LORD, I want
you to be praying for our expansion that the government and parents in
Guatemala are requesting. To build our vocational school that will help us
“put the firecracker industry up in smoke,” and our secondary school is
going to require considerable more land on the Llano. There is farm land on
three sides of the school and hospital property. I have instructed Queno to
be quietly inquiring about land acquisition. Once we get the land, we can
start a campaign to raise the money to build the vocational school, then the
money to equip it. We already have two bilingual vocational instructors
signed up to be on staff part of the year each year. God will provide many
more as the building is finished and equipped. Then we are going out to
build a secondary school for the college and university bound kids of
Morning Glory. Right now, this is a matter of prayer for all our friends.
As God has proven the past two months, He is not broke, and He owns the
purse strings of a great many check books. What we need now is a season of
prayer for more property adjacent to the school, then the buildings and last
of all, for bilingual and Spanish speaking personnel to staff the additions.
I can tell you flat out, the trustees will not approve anymore
responsibility in the new schools for Lori. She now has all she can say
grace over, and to be able to regain and keep her health; we need her for 30
more years right where she is. I want you to be praying for a Christian
School or Public School Christian teacher that has administration and
curriculum experience in High Schools in the United States. She or he must
be totally bilingual and a deeply committed Christian. Perhaps such a
person is ready to retire from public schools, and have another good ten or
fifteen year of energy and life to give to the Lord and His people. I know
that person is out there and God will bring him or her to us at the right
time. Just keep praying for them and for us.

Again, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers,
gifts, help, encouragement, speaking for us to others, and being a part of
Lori’s Morning Glory team. Please keep up the good work.

Each time I speak to Lori, she is healing and doing better. The severe
pain in her leg is still there, doctors are telling her that is the pain of
nerves and muscles rebuilding. As a result, she is getting stronger and
getting more accomplished everyday. We praise God for that, and please pray
for her continued healing and health. God is a wonderful partner with her
doctors from the USA that have adopted her as their project and patient.
Lori is getting a donation to buy new clothes since she has lost so much
weight. With Lori knocking at 50 and me in my 70s, we both need to work at
keeping our temples in shape.

I am often asked about my health, and I want to tell you that I live
one day at a time as to being infection and pain free. My doctors give God
the glory; after nine times that the doctors have been in my left hip, I
gave up on the doctors and walk with my walker. I climb stairs by holding
on to the rail while Daniel carries my walker up behind me, I put my milk
crate out and back into the drivers seat of the one ton, 15-passenger van
and bring my milk crate in behind me. Last week, our young adults group
here at Agape Christian went bowling, and I was right in the middle of it
all. With no hip prosthesis I am not supposed to put any weight on my left
leg. So the doctors watch me walk, climb or whatever, and say, “You should
not be able to do that.” Thus I had to devise my own style of bowling. I
would stand on my good leg behind the fault line, hold my walker with my
left hand off to the side, stretch out my left leg for balance, hold my ball
in my right hand, and with shoulder and arm strength bowl away. The first
two rounds on our lane of young adults, I won; on the third I was defeated
by a 22 year old young man by 7 pins. I was glad that we went bowling, and
I took part. I have been looking for some form of exercise that gave me a
good cardiovascular work out. I can only walk so fast with out tripping
myself. I climb stairs slowly and come down even slower. The bowling
really gave me a good work out. We are planning a bowling group a couple
times a month to get in good form. I plan another twenty years of being
active in the ministry and in the mission work, so I need to work at my
health as well as my eating habits to keep the temple in good form. God is
blessing me far more than I deserve. I give Him all the praise.

I have one last story to tell you about Morning Glory school. There is
a new little school in San Raymundo. It is a Roman Catholic school ran by
nuns from Italy. They were at once told the successful school is Morning
Glory, so they came to visit Lori and the school. Lori gave them a lot of
advise and helps, including writing and laying out their Bible teaching
lessons for their school. Only God can arrange a Christian Church Bible
Writer for a Roman Catholic school. The nuns attracted a medical clinic
from Rome, Italy. The physicians had only one complaint, they were not used
to the Guatemalan food and could not communicate with the cook. They agreed
to our rules about holding the clinic, passing out Spanish New Testaments
and tracks, and struggled through the rough Spanish and Mayan to Italian
translations. While Lori was visiting with the medicos and the priest that
came with them, she mentioned that one of our supporting churches was in
Matelica, Italy. And that Harold Fowler was the minister. The priest’s eyes
lit up, and said, “The evangelical biblical writer, I have read some of his
material, he know his Bible.” Harold and Enid Fowler are not only
ministering to the church in Matelica, his main work for over 40 years has
been writing and translating Christian material into European languages and
getting it distributed. The printed word still reaches souls. We are so
very interconnected in His wondrous work.

I love you all.. Brother Herb Pinney..