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This is the New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) March 2005 Update. NIMA is an outreach of the Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world.

New Iberian Mission Association (NIMA) Update for March, 2005: NIMA is an
outreach of Agape Christian Church and friends from around the world. You
may reach us by mail at: P O Box 15133 Las Cruces, NM 88004; by phone at
(505) 647 2168 or (505) 650-3915; By e-mail at [email protected]; Our web
site for information and bank card donations is . Our
interactive website is; Our Guatemala e-mail site is
a new address: [email protected]; The phone in Guatemala for Lori and
Queno is 011.502.639.806. This update brings you news of the Morning Glory
Christian School-Community Christian Hospital-Morning Glory Christian Church
and other Christian Churches and churches of Christ in Guatemala.


Please note that we have a new e-mail address for Lori Nij in Guatemala.
The server that we have used for a number of years became inefficient and we
had to select another server. Lori’s mail was held up or lost for the past
couple of weeks. If you have e-mailed Lori in the past month and not
received an answer, please resend your e-mail to < [email protected] >.
Lori is like I am, she dislikes changing phone numbers, mail addresses or
e-mail addresses. Several times in the past 40 years, we have had to change
mail addresses and have lost checks and sometimes supporters in the move.
Please be advised of this change and make a note of it.

Old friends are a special blessing. The Adina Christian Church in
Lexington, Texas is ministered to by Leonard and Ramona Leake. I was a
deacon at the Socorro Christian Church fifty years ago. We lost our
minister and my mentor, Dr. C. C. Crawford when he accepted the department
head job at Texas Western University in El Paso, Texas; today known as
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). We hired a young minister straight
out of Ozark Bible College. He moved with his wife and baby boy to Socorro,
NM. Our two families became fast friends. Leonard sang bass in a gospel
quartet, and after some finagling, we got the quartet to Socorro for a
revival. At that revival, Melba and I dedicated our lives to missions and
new church evangelism in the west. We sold our geology business, our first
home that we had just finished paying for, and moved to Ozark Bible College
for five more years of college. Before the Leakes moved to Lexington, the
church was already a supporter of the Morning Glory Christian School. Our
main contact persons were-and are-Joe and Peggy Norman. Joe and Peggy are
sponsors of a school child, encouragers, and helpers along the way. They
recently sent an offering in memory of two friends.

LINDA DAVENPORT and JOHNNY TAYLER. We have sent a memorial certificate to
Allen Davenport and family of Round Rock, and Marilyn Tyler of Lexington,
both cities in Texas. This is a very special way to remember friends and
the gift will extend their helpfulness on into the next generation.


One might read the local or national newspapers, listen to TV, and scope out
radio and wonder, why are we spending billions on education in the United
States, and to what end? It seems to me that we have much too high an
expectation of formal education. Willard “Sonny” Black taught me long ago
in a class at OBC on Wisdom Literature that “the larger the island of
knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” In a capsule, the more you
know, the more you know that you don’t know. I believe the same thing is
true in spirituality. The closer that you walk with Christ, and the closer
you get to God in holiness, the more you realize just how unrighteous you
really are. I believe this is where Paul was coming from in Romans 7:15: “I
do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I
hate I do.” He finally cries out in victory in Romans 8:1, 2: “Therefore,
there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because
through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life

set me free from the law
of sin or death.” Without that confidence, Paul could have become a
spiritual wreck. Albert Einstein claimed at the end of his life, “I know
nothing.” The one thing I know when I hear anyone say, “I know all there is
to know about that;” he knows nearly nothing. Pondering all of that, I ran
across this statement the other day as I listened to radio: “The place of
formal education is to take you from where you are blissfully ignorant to
where you are fully aware of how ignorant that you really are.” Formal
education just prepares you for a lifetime of learning. You never get too
old to keep on learning.


This NIMA work is as one Christian writer put it, a B.H.B.G.P. (a fast
translation that will keep you from having to read a whole book, Big Hairy
Bodacious God Project.) It is a risky business stepping out in faith to
plan, pray, and work to allow God to work through us, to raise a half
million dollars over the next four years to expand Morning Glory Christian
School and our campus at the Llano in Guatemala. While starting the prayer
and planning stage of this move forward, we are still running a thousand
dollars or more a month behind on our 2005 budget. I know that God is at
work on that; I know that I sure am. I have Queno scouting quietly to
discern the land situation on all sides of our campus at the Llano de la
Virgen. (This was written before I got Lori’s letter attached.) Our first
move out in faith is to buy more land. I know that God is not broke and
neither are his people. If all the folks going to church regularly in the
United States and Western Europe were to start tithing and as God blessed,
giving extra gifts as the Book calls for, we could evangelize the whole
world in the next two decades. I don’t have to have my glasses on as I look
into the mirror to see I am not as young as I was a few decades ago, and my
income is no where near what it was a few years ago. So I really understand
that many of you that have been so faithful for so many years cannot stretch
the pay over a much larger gift. I am so very thankful for what you are
doing. I would like to ask you that are on the down hill side of 60 (and
any of the rest of you that would like to join in) to do this for me. Will
you covenant with God to pray for NIMA and Morning Glory Christian every day
for the rest of the year? I am working to get a whole new team of young
sponsors and supporters as well as some older folks that have expendable
savings or income, that can do a significant gift over the next few months
for this land expansion. We must have more land to expand our present
projects; build the trade-vocational school as well as the requested
secondary school. What could you personally do on the campus in Guatemala
this next vacation time or when you retire? We need lots of short term and
long term workers as well.


The following is a letter from Lori in Guatemala.

Dear Loved Ones:

Greetings from Guatemala: Springtime is here in all its warmth and glory.
Hallelujah I am finally warm.

So much has been going on the last month. February flew by on the wings of
a jet. We remodeled the guard’s apartment, two rooms and a bathroom on the
first floor of the old house in order to move the school office and have
more room. Last year Queno had built two rooms on the roof for the guard,
one for kitchen and the other was extra. We added a bathroom to the roof
and have thus moved the entire house for the guard upstairs. This gave us
the two rooms downstairs. But they were in terrible condition. We
remodeled the bath adding a storeroom for school supplies, put in ceramic
tile on the floor and repainted the walls. We replaced the old metal door
which was really insecure with a double strong metal door with secure locks.
Queno gave me a large cedar wood desk as a gift for my new office. This
move gives me a private office and Neidy a reception area for her desk and
student files,

there is a door between the rooms so I can close for private
conferences with parents and students. Our old office barely had room for
people to come in and there was no way to provide privacy. This also gave
me one more classroom in the old office, so now we don’t have any classes in
the hospital area, so there is no conflict when medical clinics come. Every
single classroom that we have, 16 in total, is packed to room capacity.
However this created one new problem for us, the second grade class that
meets in the back room of the house has to go through another class in order
to go outside for recess or to the bathrooms. So we will probably have to
turn a window into a door for them.

We have installed two bathrooms in the new classroom areas, we still lack
the installation of two more bathrooms but they will have to wait for funds.

The sports court is almost finished but now we have to replant trees and
greenery around the work area. The kids can hardly wait for it to be

We have asked the mayor for his help in supplying construction materials to
finish the wall around the property. In December the medical committee with
funds from the different clinics had a block wall built along one side and
halfway across the front of our property. We have also ordered a secure
gate for the side where the wall was built. However we still have the other
half to secure. The mayor has agreed to donate us the construction
materials in the month of May but we will have to pay for labor to build the
wall. This wall is very important for the security of the kids and our
installation. In the month of December while I was sick and Queno was away
on a medical clinic in Sarstun, close to Belize, a significant amount of
school and hospital furniture was stolen. It cost me over $1000 to replace
everything and have enough desks, tables and chairs for the students this
year. The first day of school we had kids sitting on blocks and writing on
stools or rough boards placed on blocks. With the help of the construction
group during the March clinic we were able to build enough tables and
benches to replace most of the lost equipment. As the school and hospital
grows and the security climate in Guatemala continues to worsen we have to
make things even more secure.

I have a wonderful group of parents who are excited about Morning Glory and
support me in many ways. They understand my limitations and the fact that
we are working on a bare bones budget. Example, this month funds only
covered salaries and half of the monthly gas bill. Queno and I paid
electricity and phone and other needs we had to covered out of the funds
that come in through the small fee that we charge the parents. But this
leaves practically nothing for improvements and extras. The students have
chosen several projects that they are raising funds for through weekly
markets. Each Friday the students prepare a market and sell to each other
and the parents who come. The first group to have market was the pre school
department. Each child brought something from home, chicken salad
sandwiches, tacos, fruit, tostadas, cake, donuts etc, and sold to the rest
of the students during snack time. This is a way that our parents are
supporting our program. The next week it was first and second grade’s turn.
Yesterday the third and fifth graders had their market and finally April 1st
the sixth and fourth graders will finish off the round of markets.

We have formed a parent organization whose function is to represent the
parents and to organize projects and fundraiser among all the school
parents. This group will also be helping me with the special programs and
logistics for school trips. They are a great group. For their first
activity they are sponsoring a “Feria de Alegria” (happiness fair) in the
park in San Raymundo. All the parents will be bringing food to sale, we
have organized games and competitions, face painting, dunking for apples,

water balloon toss, soccer goals, ball toss, races, fishing for prizes and
many other games. One of our dads works for Nestle and they will be helping
with prizes, PA system, music and several inflatable jumping games. Other
companies are pitching in with prizes and games also. The mayor has given
us permission to close off the park for the Saturday afternoon and the
municipal police will be helping us keep order. The local bank is pitching
in with balls and prizes.

The purpose of all this fund raising is to be able to build a special
playground for the little kids and put ceramic tile in the second floor
class room. We have so many big kids now that we have to be really careful
with the little biddy kids because they knock them down and run over them.
We want to have a totally separate play area divided off where the big kids
are not allowed to go. We also want to pave this play ground with clay
tiles to cut down on dirt and dust. Lord willing everything will go well
and we will be able to raise enough funds for this project. Personally I
like the fact that the parents are taking responsibility and interest in our
school. They are proud of the progress that their children are making and
want to help.

Important information

We have stepped out on faith and have taken a huge leap. Our neighbors came
to us two weeks ago and gave us first option on the land directly next to
our new classroom building. The young owner needed to sell desperately and
had already been offered cash by a person interested in putting in a
cafeteria/bar next to the hospital-school. We talked to Dr. Ramiro, who
like us definitely did not want a bar for neighbor and we agreed to the
following. The medical (hospital) committee paid the down payment 1/2 of
the asking price cash and we need to raise the other half in the next three
months. This will give us space to grow and assures that we keep the
neighborhood safe for the children. However in the next three months I need
three thousand five hundred dollars to pay our half of the land. I know
this is fast but it was now or never. This will give us space for
classrooms when we have to tear down the old house for parking for the
hospital. It also will give us room to build workshops in the future.

Well I started this letter at nine this morning and have been interrupted
innumerable times. It is now 10:30 p.m. so I need to get this off and get
to bed. My health thank God is getting better every day. I was kind of
worried about the intense pain in my bad leg. It is at times almost
unbearable, but it turns out the pain is good news. The lymphatic and
circulatory system are coming back alive and nerves that have been dead for
five years are waking up. If I know that the pain is good news then I can
put up with it. My new diet is still working quite well. I call it my God
diet. I made a deal with God one night in December when the pain was so bad
that I couldn’t sleep. He would change my metabolism and straighten out my
hormones and I wouldn’t eat anything not made directly by God. That means
no pre pared or artificial anything. I am eating all natural fruits,
vegetables, breads and meats. Absolutely NO chemicals and it have made an
incredible difference. No coffee, no tea, no soda waters only natural
juices and natural teas. Not even artificial sweeteners only honey and
sugar. I have tried to eliminate as much as possible fats without
sacrificing the proteins that I need to rebuild the muscles in my legs. The
carbs. that I eat are in fruit or vegetables. No pastas, rice or corn. All
my clothes hang on me like gunny sacks and drag the ground. I am trying to
find time to make new clothes but time is not one of my surpluses right now.
We have a busy summer ahead of us so I basically have this month and next
before all the super activity begins.

I love you all

Lori Nij


I need to expound a little on a couple of things that Lori brought out in
her letter. But before I do, I need to tell you that Lori is always 150%
wrapped up in the school. I just today heard from David about some other
things happening on campus. However, there are many other things that are
going on including a very successful medical clinic just completed. This
clinic was held by the Refuge group; they always do a great job. I have no
information at this time about the clinics success and accomplishments. The
same is true about Morning Glory Christian Church and the other ministries.
I keep digging, and I get more than enough information to fill your mailbox,
but not all the information about all of our projects.

You might be saying after reading Lori’s letter, with our shortage of
buildings and room, why would we tear down any building? About thirteen
years ago, we bought this original property from a Christian minister, and
we were planning to use it for an orphanage and the house parents’ home.
Later, this building became the center for the original pre-school classes
that we held. When we became a certified school, this building did not meet
government standards for a school building. Right now it is grandfathered
in and can be used, but in time, we will have to tear it down and replace
it. Where this house is located on our property is right where we need to
make a parking lot for the hospital. Right now we are getting by with
minimal parking. As Guatemala progresses, and more and more people drive
cars and trucks, we will need to provide parking. We, also, will need to
provide parking for our employees as we move from above 20 to over 40
employees. Also, this building is right in the area where we will have the
driveway for ambulance and the emergency vehicles’ entrance to the hospital.
This addition to our property next to the new two story classroom building
will give us room to build offices and conference rooms, workshops, and
replace the classrooms that will be lost in tearing down the old building.
This is to improve our current campus, and with a look to the future about
things we are going to have to do to stay certified and successful. Please
don’t think we just want to tear down buildings to build new ones. This is
something we have known would have to happen ever since we became a fully
accredited and certified school in Guatemala. God has been good to us; He
gave us some breathing room between certification and having to replace the
old building that was not built to government standards. I can tell you
that one of my worst nightmares is to wake up some day to the news about an
earthquake in Guatemala and that a building had fallen down around a number
students. That is why all of our new school buildings and the hospital
are built double strong and above standard.

Lori has sent out a call for some important and very needed help between now
and May the 30th. We need a special gift of $3,500.00 (three thousand
five hundred dollars.) I well know that many of you are stretching your
budget to send a monthly gift of $20.00 or $50.00. However, there are some
of you that have been waiting for a special project to rearrange your
portfolio and draw out an large amount to help with a special project. If
more than one of you helps us out in this way, we will use the surplus to
start the savings for additional property for the vocational school and new
secondary school that will be built in a few years. We are very thankful
to the Hospital committee for helping to share the expenses of expansion.
The medical community has been very good to the hospital as well as many of
them are now sponsors of youth in the Morning Glory School. Please call me
or e-mail me if you can help with a big part or all of this expense.

I know that some of you have just been waiting for an important project to
be able to make an even larger step up in helping with this fantastic
project in Guatemala. If you have any questions that have not been handled
here, please call me at (505) 650-3915, that is my 24 hour line that is
always on.


Here are a few lines from David Shaw in his report received today. “Over the
next few days I will be getting new updated pictures of the sponsored
children taken and forwarded to Brother Herb. This Sat. the parents are
holding a mini fair in the park downtown to raise money for the preschool
playground and Lori wants me to build a large playhouse for the preschool
children.. This last weekend I went down to Villa Nueva to see a friend of
mine that was down working with an orphanage. He is a pastor up in
Billings, Montana and my dad is a chaplain with him. Other members of the
team were family friends and wife of my baby brother’s teacher. It sure is
a small world.”


I am so very thankful for each and every one of you that take time to read
all the way through these reports. I know that there is not a lot of time.
Yet, I feel so very responsible to keep you all informed about how your
gifts of money are being spent. I want to let you know how your prayers are
being answered. I guess I would rather have someone of you say, “You bore
me to tears” rather than to have you say, ” I never know what is going on
where I send my money and prayers.” God Bless you each one. I sure love
you all.. Herb Pinney