For the past five years, our Christmas Catalog has been a wonderful blessing to the operation of Morning Glory, the Chain of Pearls Christian churches in the San Raymundo area.

Our fantastic supporting and involved family from around the world have not only bought a gift from the catalog to aid in the development and operation of our ministry, they also buy gifts in the name of family and friends. This is especially helpful for those who really don’t need another tie, gadget, or “thing.” A gift recognition special edition Christmas card is sent to each one who buys a gift. For those who also buy for friends and family, a matching Christmas card recognizing each gift is sent to both the one purchasing the gift and the one in whose name the gift is bought. This is a great gift that honors the mission, your family member or your friend, and you get to invest your money in a wonderful way to honor the birth of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus the Messiah, not the bottom line of some corporation. This way you are sharing the love of Jesus with the children of Guatemala.

Morning Glory Christmas Catalog 2015

Christmas gift purchases:

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To help Queno track his building supplies and to be able to have supplies available when work crews have time and want to do a project, we need a locking, double garage door supply shed and tool shed. Built on skids to move
on campus as needed. Queno and teams will build. This will be for school and churches.



Hardware bins and cabinet for tool shed–Need 4



Unit of lumber and supplies for projects to come–unlimited units needed.



Units of paint to spruce of the campus and for new buildings–unlimited units needed.



Mobile cart for projector for secondary classrooms



Portable screen for secondary classrooms



PowerPoint 1,000 lumen projector for secondary classrooms



All wires for projector to hook up laptop



Laptop set up for PowerPoint



Locking cabinets for classrooms–10 units



Sponsor a student for 12 months–hundreds available. $45/mo * 12 mos.



Used pick-up for Queno and church and campus work



Cloth for Lori to sew a new wardrobe after the therapies–2 reductions



Vehicle trailer to transport Lori’s personal motor chair for trips



Classroom teacher’s supply kit–20 units



Matching secondary classroom building for music hall and Bible institute



Additional property purchase for Morning Glory expansion at current campus–unit 1



Additional property purchase for Morning Glory expansion at current campus–unit 2



Rented parking unit



Set up and professional publishing of first edition of Lori’s book. Proceeds will carry second edition on…


Additional computer lab–need 40 more units installed



Additional campus security monitoring video cameras and hook up to central system–4 units needed



Video – VCR and TV unit for reading room



Improvement editions to the library books bought in units–5 units needed



Music stands for orchestra–25 needed



Gift to finance the school into 2016–each unit, many needed



A special gift for yourself or a friend you are trying to get interested in Morning Glory: A 2016 subscription to the Morning Glory/NIMA story, The Navigator quarterly. If you have been receiving The Navigator, your subscription is paid through 2016. Be sure to send correct mailing address.

$25 for the 2016 year



God bless you each one, and a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2016 year.