Whether you are a long-time sponsor, newly committed, or just thinking about making a commitment to sponsorship, first and foremost we want to thank you for love for the children of Guatemala. Sponsored children, their families, and Morning Glory as a whole greatly benefit from the gifts and funds provided by sponsors. We sincerely hope that your sponsorship experience is a fulfilling one, both for you and your child. This guide is intended to give you the necessary information to make the most out of your sponsorship and relationship with your child. Please read it carefully to understand all of our policies and opportunities for building a relationship with your child.


What does it cost to sponsor a child?

There are 2 levels of sponsorship: $35/month or $45/month.


Why are there two levels and what is the difference?

The basic level ($35) covers the cost of tuition for one student.

The higher level ($45) covers the cost of tuition for one student and buys
the textbook for the year.

***All child sponsorship payments are tax-deductible***


How is my money used?

It costs Morning Glory $34 to educate one student for one month. This is the cost to pay teachers,
administrators, maintenance, buses, and bills associated with running a school. The parents of the
children enrolled, because of their low income, are asked to pay only $4 monthly for primary school and
$13 for secondary. To protect the integrity of the mission and the families that attend the school, your
sponsorship contribution never goes directly to a family. Instead, it is used to subsidize the cost of
enrollment for the families so they can have access to a quality education that they can afford.

In addition, there are approximately 70 families that receive full scholarship
because they are otherwise financially unable to send their children to a
school. The “leftover” money from your sponsorship donations are used to not
only help these families, but to provide funds for special needs and
activities to benefit all the students at Morning Glory.

*Morning Glory uses your donations, both sponsorship and regular, unspecified
donations to fund the school so the low-income families of the area can afford a
quality, Christian-based education*

If you are a Higher Level Sponsor ($45/month), your child receives their textbook at no cost to them.


How can I send money?

There are a few ways to send sponsorship money:

1) PayPal® (recommended): To set up a PayPal® account simply go to
www.paypal.com. PayPal® is a secure site and is recommended because
PayPal® receipts can be easily and quickly sent between our home
office and our administrators on the field in Guatemala to help us apply
sponsorship benefits to your child more efficiently.

To pay with PayPal®, you can visit http://www.missionoffaith.org/ and complete the simple form on the left-hand side of the page. A direct page on the site is at http://www.missionoffaith.org/donate/.

Please remember to include your child’s name in the “comments” line.

2) Check: Send checks payable to

PO Box 15133
Las Cruces, NM 88004-5133

Please include the word “sponsorship” and your child’s name on the memo line.

For any issues with sending money through PayPal®, please contact the NIMA office: nima@missionoffaith.org

3) E-checks/automatic payments

To set up automatic withdrawals or E-checks, you should contact your bank directly. If you need information not included in this manual, contact us at the e-mail above.


How do I send Birthday/Christmas gifts?

Giving extra gifts to children and their families is a delicate process. Through
years of experience in working with the culture, we have developed the following
guidelines to protect the our mission, the families that receive the gifts, and
the sponsors who send them.

Here’s how the gift program works:

1) You should send an extra donation to NIMA for your child. You should mark your PayPal®
donation or check with your child’s name and “Birthday/Christmas gift.”
We do not have a system
that allows you to send gifts through mail as easily as donations. Morning Glory is charged an import
tax for any goods that come to any of our personnel through the mail.

We ask that you only send $25 as a Birthday/Christmas gift per child. As much as
we appreciate your generosity, we have over 650 students with needs as well and the
“extra” one child receives can go to a child that doesn’t have the basics. You
can give a gift to a child that is not yours simply by contacting us.

Note: Our monthly bank wire is sent at the 15th of every month. If your child has a Birthday near the
first of the month, you should send your donation by the 12th of the preceding month to ensure the gift
arrives in time for the child’s Birthday.

2) We will take your donation and use it to buy one of the following gifts for a
child according to the child needs or your preference:

– Uniform needs (P.E. uniform, sweater, polo, pants)
– A backpack
– A pair of shoes
– A quality reading book
– Other school supplies as the needed by the family.

Many sponsors enjoy the process of selecting gifts for their children. By
contacting us first you can help choose the details of the gift you want to send
to your child.

3) Our representative will go buy the gift and deliver it to your child. You
will receive a picture of your child with the gift, and a letter from your child.

To ensure timely and efficient delivery of your gift to your child, please
contact Mary Beeks ([email protected]) or Rob ([email protected]) when you send your gift


How can I communicate with my child?

We know that communicating with your child is a highly rewarding experience for our sponsors. We are
working to expand the communication aspect of the sponsorship program to help you build a relationship
with your child. Presently, we are able to facilitate communication with your child through electronic

First and foremost, you will be sent a yearly update of your child with a current picture and brief
summary on his/her progress in school. Additionally, you are encouraged to write to your child (see
below). Morning Glory will send you a communication from your child twice a year. Your child will
respond to any “letter” you write to them. Therefore, you will receive two letters from your child but
your initiative in communicating with your child will produce more letters from them and a
better relationship with them.

How to write to your child:

All letters sent to your child should bee-mailed to
[email protected]. Please do not send letters to our home
office. We use electronic communication because ‘snail mail’ to Guatemala is
often unreliable and your letter may get lost. You can either write a normal
e-mail, or scan in a letter that will be printed off, translated to Spanish,
and given to your child. You can write in English or Spanish. Morning Glory
has adequate translators.

Feel free to send pictures of yourself, your family pets, and any activities you
participate in. Especially with the younger children, it is very helpful to
include lots of specific questions about quantifiable aspects of their lives
(their family, their classes, their hobbies, etc) so they can respond.

For your own protection, we want to discourage you from sending pictures of too
many material possessions including your car, house, or any other image that might
give the children or their families a perception of your economic status. Likewise,
you should never communicate your address or email to the families you sponsor. All
communication with your families should go through a Morning Glory representative
to prevent families from abusing the system and ultimately losing their
eligibility to receive sponsorship help.


What happens if I have problems paying?

We understand that life can be unpredictable and undesirable situations can
happen to anyone. Therefore, if you cannot make a payment on time, simply
contact Rob or our home office ([email protected]) to inform us. However,
after 4 months without pay, we reserve the right to place your child in the
rotation to look for another sponsor.


What happens if my child stops attending Morning Glory?

We sincerely hope that your child stays at Morning Glory until he/she graduates
and moves on to further education. However, for various reasons, it is not uncommon
for parents to change schools for their children from year-to-year. In the event
your child graduates or withdraws from Morning Glory for whatever reason, we will
notify you and offer you a new child, who will automatically receive the benefits
of your contributions.

Under NO circumstances can we offer ANY sponsorship benefits to children who are
not enrolled in Morning Glory. Once a child withdraws, he/she forfeits their
sponsorship benefits.


Thank You!!

We thank God for your heart to love and support the children in their education
at Morning Glory. We sincerely hope your sponsorship is a mutually beneficial one. For any questions
or concerns, contact Rob ([email protected]).