History of the New Iberian Mission Association

In 1961, while Herb Pinney was doing graduate work at Ozark Christian College, he did an extensive missions project for Woodrow Phillips. It was a design plan to take Christianity to the Navajo Nation. While an undergraduate student in geology at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Herb was in school with Carl Todochenee. Carl and his wife were leading people with the Navajo tribe, and they went to church at Socorro Christian with Herb and Melba. As a result of this missions project, when Herb accepted a tent-making ministry with a brand new church in Aztec, NM, he was in the heart of Navajo and Apache country. The tribe had a policy of no churches, alcohol, gambling, or major anglo corporations in their territory. David Scates, Vernon Hollett, and Herb set about to change that part about churches and were on the reservation and moving by 1964.

That was the beginning of a dream to evangelize the old Iberian Empire that covered the Western Hemisphere from the Navajo land to the tip of South America. Forty plus years later, we are well on our way. Thus our official mission name, The New Iberian Mission Association.

Lori grew up singing in Spanish and Navajo as a grade school girl helping on the mission. Now she is strategically located at the very center of that Empire on Guatemala. Our grade school is nationally recognized as one of the best in the nation; we specialize in Mayan children, girls, and high scholastic achievement. In 2009, we are adding our secondary/University Prep school and our college level Christian trade school to propel the dream into the next 50 years.