New Iberian Mission Association

NIMA is an outreach of Agapè Christian Church and friends around the world. Our main outreach in Guatemala is the community Christian hospital and Morning Glory Christian School located at the Llano de la Virgen; And village evangelism to the small communities served by Morning Glory near San Raymundo, Guatemala, Central America. We also work with other worldwide ministries to help the folks of Guatemala that live in the hard to reach areas that are without modern medical and physical needs.

Our vision is to again conquer the 16th Century New World Iberian Empire for King Jesus. Along the way we will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, bring healing to the sick, educate the unlearned, visit those in jail and help the oppressed. Doing this in the name of Jesus Christ for the goal of bringing each one to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to enlist each of the converts in becoming partners in fulfilling this vision.

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